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Crizal ® Rock™ coating offers the best combination against scratches and smudges 3 thanks to a unique technology to protect your lenses. The best dust repellence … Essilor International has 37 % market share in volume in 2013 (lens & optical Instruments division) and 22 % (non-prescription readers & sunglasses division). Choose a lens enhancement for your everyday needs; Crizal Sapphire UV or Crizal Prevencia depending on your needs, enhanced lens … Crizal® Sapphire™ also features the best clean ability of any Crizal® coating, so any fingerprints, water and smudges wipe away with ease, and low-Maintenance! Essilor Spex 1.50 Crizal UV Traditional Progressive Lenses. Anti-reflective lenses mean fewer headaches and less eye fatigue caused by reflections from computer screens and daytime lights. CRIZAL EASY UV FEATURES. Crizal ® Prevencia ® is a No-Glare lens treatment that blocks up to 20% of the Harmful Blue Light 1 from reaching your patient’s eyes. Crizal Drive is a premium anti-reflective coating that offers great clarity of vision. Crizal lenses are also more expensive than many other brands of anti-reflective lenses; however, they have been well-reviewed by optometrists. With built-in scratch and smudge resistance, Crizal Easy UV no-glare lens lives up to the demands of daily wear. Crizal UV-A protective coating to give you the clearest of vision whilst staying protected Learn more > Explore . A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we put on your computer if you agree. You can buy a Varilux with or without Crizal although most of them come with Crizal coating now. These cookies allow us to distinguish you from other users of our website, which helps us to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website and also allows us to improve our site. Would your optical practice benefit from a business consultant. Confidence assured; With Varilux ® progressive lenses, men and women starting to experience the first signs of age related weakening sight can regain their confidence by enjoying effortless sharp vision at any distance. Are consumers still searching for the ideal independent optician? Crizal UV. Crizal® lenses make your night time driving safer and more comfortable night time driving by reducing glare from headlights, taillights and street lights. At Eyeglasses.com, all of our lenses have some kind of scratch-resistant coating applied free of charge: but with Crizal Avance, you get assurance of the best possible vision, and insurance to back it up. These eyewear have refined finish which allow people to see your eyes instead of your glasses. Today’s AR-coated lenses have improved. Every second a pair of lenses with Crizal ® coating is chosen by a consumer somewhere in the world*. Whatever the situation, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, incidents and bad habits will no longer have the same impact on the lens, leaving you free to live your life however you’d like. The Crizal Saphire replaces the Crizal Forte, and has all the benefits of the Forte but with even better transparency. Crizal anti-glare lenses provide safer, more comfortable nighttime driving by reducing glare from headlights, taillights and street lights. Thanks to the coating performance reflections are up to 90% less when driving at night. Stay protected at SmartBuyGlasses, we stock all glasses of all lens materials. The Seal of Recommendation, a symbol recognized and trusted worldwide, is overseen by renowned experts in photobiology and granted to products that meet the … Essilor has 5 major brands that embody cutting edge lens technology: Varilux, Crizal, Xperio, Optifog and Transitions. Crizal Prevencia blocks UV rays from passing through the front of the lens and prevents UV rays from reflecting off of the back of your lens into your eye, resulting in an E-SPF rating of 35, the highest E-SPF index on a clear lens for optimal UV protection … (1), Patients with a lifestyle that involves frequent driving, Up to 90% less reflections when driving at night (1), Our vision is not adapted to this environment. Visioffice® X: What is it and how will it enhance your practice? By reducing Blue-Violet exposure, Crizal Prevencia helps supports retinal cell survival (1). A coating that protects your patient’s lenses from the enemies of clear vision thanks to scratch and smudge resistance and dust and water repellency. … Thanks to the coating performance reflections are up to 90% less when driving at night. Crizal Drive, as all Crizal UV lenses, virtually eliminates back surface reflections protecting wearers against dangerous UV from the back surface of the lens. Read more about the individual cookies we use and how to recognise them by, Top 4 benefits of accurate measuring instruments. These reflections and glare disturb rod cells, creating discomfort and lower visual acuity. Transitions Lenses-Automatically adjust from clear to dark and every shade in between Learn more > Explore . Anti-ref… Your posture and the way you look at things up close have changed. Crizal ® is at the forefront of innovation, R&D processes and optical technologies, doing the utmost to improve and help maintain people’s visual clarity. Please register your product or sign up for email below. Crizal Avance lenses are treated front and back with a clear coating, giving them a much harder surface, which is what makes them so much more scratch resistant. Crizal is the anti reflection coating, it comes with single vision lenses as well as progressive. Registering your lenses is not a requirement for warranty purposes, but by doing so, you’ll get informed about eye health topics, caring for your lenses, and the latest developments in vision solutions. Lenses stay clean, clear, and glare-free, so they look virtually invisible to those around you. Essilor Varilux Varifocal Lenses: What impact can digital advertising have on your practice? Crizal Sapphire is the most recent introduction to the Crizal® lenses family. Crizal Prevencia enhances your lens solution by selectively filtering harmful UV and Blue-Violet light while letting essential light pass through. Thank you for your interest in Crizal ® No-Glare lenses – for the clearest vision possible ™. Crizal lens enhancement specially designed for sunglasses to provide comfortable vision and maximum protection from UV. The solar lens that eliminates glare, enhances color and contrast, whilst protecting the eyes from … Crizal lens coatings ensure your lenses shield your eyes from reflections, protects your lenses from scratches, smudges, dust, water and protects your eyes from UV and can even filter harmful Blue-Violet light. Lens Prices. Crizal lens computer glasses anti glare blue ray cut lens TV, mobile,laptop rays protection_alcg134 (Prescription lens, Black) ₹ 4,399.00 KASHSURG Essilor Crizal UV 1.56 Glasses/lenses with E-SPF 25 Eye Sun Protection Factor with Fog Id. With Multi-Angular Technology™, new Crizal Sapphire® UV lenses reduce reflections from all directions for less distracting glare, better aesthetics, enhanced UV … We'll respond as quick as we can. Crizal has been recommended as an effective UV protectant by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Look Better Stay clean and achieve a clearer and glare-free vision when you choose Crizal® lenses. Choose a lens enhancement for your everyday needs; Crizal Sapphire UV or Crizal Prevencia depending on your needs, enhanced lens aesthetics or superior eye health protection or Crizal Drive to enhance your driving lenses. Crizal UV, Crizal Forte UV and Crizal Prevencia Lenses available. Everyday use of smartphones, TV viewing, and other gadgets with screens can strain the eyes even further. In the past, AR coating was a nuisance because it would easily peel off, scratch, and get dirty easily. Crizal No-Glare lenses have earned The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation for their safe and effective protection against UV light*. How can social media improve awareness of your optical practice? The most advanced anti-reflective lens Crizal UV, inspired by Essilor's drive to give you the clearest of vision whilst staying protected. This makes the coating more durable and effective. At night, we are exposed to multiple and intense sources of light that create reflections and glare. Ensure your lenses stay clear and are easy to clean, because clear lenses make it easier for you to see. A NEW DEFINITION OF NEAR VISION. By upgrading your ordinary lenses to Crizal Forte UV lenses, you can enjoy crystal clear vision with the best lens technology that eyeglasses have to offer. Lens Guide For more information about the lenses we offer, including lens thicknesses, tints and Transitions, please see our lens … Benefit from clarity of vision with a Crizal lens enhancement. Rod cells are the only photoreceptors in the, Essilor Ltd, Cooper Road, Thornbury, BS35 3UW, Our website uses cookies. Providing protection against reflection, scratches, smudges, dust, water, UV and other enemies of clear vision, Crizal anti-reflection lenses … Enhance your patient’s visual comfort for safer driving. Have a question? Varilux® progressive lenses by Essilor are available in light and thin polycarbonate as well as the thinnest 1.67 material. The best traditional progressive lens from Essilor, Anti Reflective, Scratch resistant, UV Protection.Power Range (SPH +6/-8 CYL 4) Fitting Height options (20/18, 17/15) How to grow your optical practice in 2020, How to Improve Your Glaucoma Screening Process, How to set and achieve the right business goals, Keeping Your Patients' Eyes Fit with TearStim, Why the patient journey is so important to your practice, Instruments to Help Social Distancing Within Practices, Provide Your Patients with Relief from Dry Eye, How to improve the awareness of your practice, Introducing Eyecode™: a lens technology to help your practice thrive, Tim Precious, Managing Director - Quarterly Update, Varilux® is celebrating 60 years of innovation, How personalised lenses can help your practice grow. We’ll even remind you when you’re due for your next eye exam. Childhood cancer awareness month - Aiming for Gold! Reassure your patient with the two year no quibble guarantee. Their anti-reflective capabilities are “seared” into the lens. By minimising the level of reflections Crizal Drive helps to maintain the wearer’s visual acuity throughout the day and night making the obligation of driving a comfortable passion. This versatile lens enhancement reduces reflections from all angles for better clarity of vision and enhanced lens aesthetics. 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