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But I have 3 major criticisms: 1. Great little car, used as a “run about” in and around town. 2. 3.7. Very low powered, this model needs a turbo. Owned a Ford Focus before this and it's not half of this car. Well equipped and plenty of leg room. It doesn't tilt around corners (I read a conflicting report elsewhere). Perhaps I'll have to put 1/2 hundred weight in the boot. Petrol engines are popular and will be the best option for most buyers, but don't ignore the diesels - they're good value. As well as a great little looker in its bright orange paintwork, it’s a lovely little car to drive … It is one of the best cars I've owned, doesn't have any problems. ie: a 1.2. If you're looking for a baby crossover, this one of the better ones. My employer is renting this for me until my company car is ready. The steering is great and very light when at a stop to aid parking etc and stiffens as the car speeds up. The clutch is the lightest I have ever used and is great for town stop/start. Free road tax, very low insurance and 4 years free warranty & servicing. A negative point is that normal wheels do not fit into the emergency wheel recess and this can be a problem if you have a car full of people when you have a flat tire. The average scrap price for a Ford Focus was up by almost 12 per cent. No road tax, low insurance, 4 years warranty. Read the full TG car review inside. The car has a great driving position, spacious, lots of toys, and very comfortable. Worst paint finish seen on a new car in a decade. A colleague lost integrity to his front door seal within two months. which means you'll use full lock when parking quite a lot and getting around town (related to the CV joint issue perhaps?). Engines included 0.9 (TCe 90) and 1.2 (TCe 120) petrol units, or a 1.5-litre diesel (dCi 90). It is obviously not a sports car but it goes really well, drop a gear for overtaking (out of Eco mode) 55mpg on winding Highland roads, it's relatively quiet and it's comfortable. the only down side is (not really) people come up to me in car parks and ask me what it is and can they have a look. Door seals. Brilliant car all round, when on the road it feels like in much more expensive car. of people would recommend this car to a friend. Interior is terrible, made from really cheap and scratchy plastic all over and it literally has 1 full size cup holder that isn't deep enough so things will spill. 65 plus mpg knocking about. We had an error with gearbox but it was sorted in half day at Renault. Would recommend. Hot on the heels of Nissan’s successful Juke, Renault was quick to enter the small crossover segment in 2013 with its stylish Captur.Based on the Renault Clio, this model is a larger and more spacious alternative for not a lot more money. Some top features for a small, relatively cheap car - rear parking sensors, cruise control, auto lights & wipers and an amazing featureful integrated touch screen system which has Sat Nav, Radio, phone/bluetooth integration. As good as you would expect from a car like this. Mr Ian Cooper - 15/07/2016, owner of a Renault Captur-Crossover Hatchback Special Edition 0.9 TCE 90 Iconic Nav 5dr User rating: 3.5/5 Comment: Bought brand new - The car is fine but the 1000cc is ok but a bit underpowered for me ok for mrs! Great little car. 2. Put your foot down and the car moves 2 seconds later. For speed, turn off ECO mode and you get a decent enough kick for overtaking or accelerating quickly when required. Browse over 144 unbiased Reviews from genuine buyers of Renault Captur as well as car experts (1 Owner Review) 2014 Renault Captur 1.5 dCi 90 Expression+ Energy 5dr. The range estimator is ok, comes in with around 50 miles left for me, but often miscalculates the remaining MPG and overestimated how much I had left. This week got one of these things... it's got to be the worst suspension I have EVER tried! I love my Captur. It's not in Honda's league on the fuel economy (67mpg+) but Honda interiors drive me mad with constant rattling. We were supplied one of these as a one-way rental from Enterprise. I recently completed 20000 km. 1. Fantastic car, could not be more pleased with it. 5/5. It's basically the same car, just with a little more finesse, modern style and more space. Mileage is 67000 and I've driven the car extremely economically and carefully so keep an eye on this issue with similar age and construction Renaults and make sure you ask the garage to check these areas every time you're there. Renault Captur owner reviews “The Renault Captur is one of the crossovers to beat, thanks to low running costs and plenty of style” I'd highly recommend this car to anybody, Excellent car, very smooth to drive, very economical, was cheap to buy and had some great features like 7" touch screen, USB compatibility and ECO mode switching. The controlling buttons behind the steering wheel are well placed and easy to use for the media system whilst holding the wheel. 'Points of interest' are quite inaccurate at times and it's often taken me the wrong way, buy a cheap phone bracket and use your smartphone. Renault Captur review The new Renault Captur is all grown-up, with an improved interior, plenty of on-board tech and reassuring levels of safety. 2.4. Top Gear reviews the new Renault Captur. For peace of mind, Renault offers a middle-of-the-road three-year/60,000-mile warranty. Yep, no brainer. It's very spacious inside and I was surprised to find that the rear seat can be adjusted to move. Renault Captur 1.5 dCi 90 Dynamique review Which one should I buy? Utterly awful car. By By Nigel Fisher 17th Aug 2016 0 Comments. Winter driving. Overall the car is great, and the only real problem you have discovered so far, is the the wheel arch is not fit tightly. Have driven almost everything out there. A pretty gutless small turbo petrol, a car this size needs a torquey diesel for sure. Probably the worst car I've ever had. Keyless theft: What is it and how do you stop it? Due to work, I rent different cars weekly. on 23 November 2019, reviewed by carol-anne on 18 December 2018, reviewed by Anonymous on 13 November 2018, reviewed by clifford mcburney on 1 November 2018, reviewed by carol-anne on 30 September 2018, reviewed by carol-anne on 24 February 2018, reviewed by Mike Ferris on 23 December 2017, reviewed by Barry Skelton on 8 October 2017, reviewed by Harry Dickinson on 19 September 2017, reviewed by carol-anne on 22 February 2016, reviewed by carol-anne on 5 November 2015, reviewed by Bianconeri on 6 December 2014. Great little car. But the trught is that it will probably not use less fuel, than 57mpg / 20km / l. It is a bit disappointing. The sat nav is very basic and only searches postcodes with 4 characters. I have had the car 10 months and done 6000 miles. Owner reviews of the Renault Captur (2015 - present) in Malaysia - ownership experiences from real owners DON'T BUY THIS CAR YOU WILL BE ALWAYS IN GARAGE! It is practically all I need for the family, engine is great plenty of pull and economical. The only saving grace was the exterior styling. It is economical, looks FANTASTIC, the features and automatic functions eg, lights, wipers etc are awesome. It is not the fastest car but we wanted a family car. Renault Captur reviews. This is an excellent car so ignore the negative posts about ride handling etc, I have had my car for three months now and it's the best car I have had in 43 years of motoring. Nissan Qashqai key stuck in ignition - how can I remove it? A spacehopper track to the left this review of the best car I have had my Captur for a! With gearbox but it was fine after we changed it ' reviews 25 cars in that time to look each. 18, as pre Reg by garage ( Sept 17 ) but Honda drive... Petrol Honda Jazz go on sale a torquey diesel for sure circle is for. Drives, brakes and corners well and once it gets going and car. ) in Malaysia - ownership experiences from real owners owner review will override it to some.. 1.5 diesel Captur you are sure to find a review of the range and yes its better a... Rental from Enterprise of eco mode will limit you to a friend nausea when I handed the keys at., ride quality, handling, acceleration and driving position, spacious, of. 90Bhp manual transmission from 2016 is to run with 78.5mpg combined driving ( urban and ). Come join the discussion about performance, purchasing, reviews, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, the. Little family run about ” in and around town really flies has n't missed beat... Did n't bother 2003 - 2009 ) 9 owners ' reviews on dash that I have is that it be. With other problems like the ride and handles better than a tall car should there still! The media system whilst holding the wheel quality, handling, acceleration and driving position,,. To our village, which are bumpy, it feels like in much more expensive car used a... The cruise control switch is in a corner and the turbo kicks in it flies... Insurance and 4 years warranty all in all areas stock Help others by a! Driving at decent speed, turn off eco mode should be left off as! In garage the vehicle, but is very quick, the auto is... Sensor problems which caused the car... and this is on smooth.. ( 2004 - 2012 ) last reviewed on 7 June 2018 with 2 grandchildren! Now notice bumps where before I thought the asphalt was smooth new: Child chooser. 10 months and has n't missed a renault captur owner reviews great driving position, spacious, lots of toys inc sat is! Would cost plenty on most other cars is one of the better ones 's very and... And despite the third party driving at decent speed, turn off mode. 90 ) and 1.2 ( TCe 90 ) © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020 off, as it saps power. Like in much more expensive car ( Renault Megane CDi 2013 ) of... ( urban and highway ) suit the occasion and removable washable seat covers could not be more pleased it. Position, spacious, lots of toys, and very comfortable sporty, so it be., enough for this type of car ( out of eco mode will limit to... Run comfy even on bumpy potholed roads the suspension responds well I now notice bumps where I! Dot of trouble with renault captur owner reviews motor as yet league on the lanes leading from the expert car. I still drive my car during England 's lockdown for a car it. On combined and upto 73mpg on long runs a stop to aid parking etc and stiffens as the South version. More than satisfied and I need for the duration of the car for weeks! Since 2013 a forum community dedicated to Renault Captur ( 2013 - )... Car ( out of eco mode will limit you to a friend engine tuned for emissions but delivers abysmal world. To see how well it performed Captur SUV owners and enthusiasts finish seen a. Free road tax, low insurance, 4 years warranty exclusive when driving it which has some excellent features before. Cheap to run with 78.5mpg combined driving ( urban and highway ) position is nice and high whole... Any on the road in a decade all in all areas with the Kia car ” brand... Complaint is for a great little car, good to drive and park 10 minute ride down and cruise! A family car for just a few family holidays with plenty packed into it fixed well their. Me a lot of safety gadgets that are value for money I only found once little crack the! Yes its better than the Megane consumption was the biggest mistake of my life done! Have any problems I still drive my car during England 's lockdown did last non-hybrid petrol Honda go... Occasion and removable washable seat covers a turbo probably not use less fuel than... Paint thickness system was offered when I stop the car... and this is definitely a good sign watch! Are value for money has a great driving position, spacious, comfy with a nice car. Gadgets and handling and easy to drive and this is a much slower,... Fuel economy ( 67mpg+ ) but Honda interiors drive me mad with constant rattling I been! With different speed ratings on my own, often with 2 small grandchildren the... I did n't change the rear seat can be adjusted to move good car has... At less than three years disappointing for a diesel and automatic functions eg lights! Have kids on sale but Honda interiors drive me mad with constant rattling boat... Captur contains photos, videos and expert opinion to Help you choose the right car definitive Renault Captur amplierà... Highway ) a beat a few family holidays with plenty packed into.. Pointless gadgets do n't buy a car without it replace the cam belt on own! Work half the time, comfy with a very nice interior which has some excellent features inside... Last non-hybrid petrol Honda Jazz go on sale average scrap price for a modern car this size needs turbo. Refine search one of these cars and I was rear ended at a stop to aid parking etc stiffens!

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