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lvl 99 - Carcharian Verve - Magical - 65 MP - Rockfin (Aquan) - Self-buff, raises ATK, M.ATK, and reduces spell interruption rate - Increases attack by 17-18% according to reports. Buburimu Peninsula Jugner Forest It hits more times than thrashing assault, with STR and DEX mods. La Theine Plateau This spell starts of weak, but when you get higher level, get more powerful, around level 70+, you will see that this is one of your strongest physical, non-SA spells. Useful for support situations in parties, though it draws in hate. Phomiuna Aqueducts, Jugner Forest lvl 93 - Dark Orb - Magical - 153 MP - Gargouille (Demon) - Deals darkness damage (Darkness) - A magical spell that'll probably not see a lot of use. However, when a blue mage sets Bomb Toss, the results are much different. It does three hits for blunt damage, so make sure you have some accuracy on so you can get all three hits in. Garlaige Citadel, Konschtat Highlands lvl 61 - Seedspray - Physical - Three-fold damage (Slashing) with Additional Effect: Defense down - Another new spell, it's notably weaker than Frenetic Rip, but stronger than Bludgeon. Here's the full list of all 49 Blue Mage abilities along with the requirement for unlocking them. Sacrarium What was SE thinking? It can make gilfinder with charged whisker. lvl 60 - Spiral Spin - Physical - Physical Damage (Slashing) with Additional Effect: Accuracy Down - A new spell added with the March 2008 update. . This is similar to lullaby, in that it is light based. This sounds like it would be bad news for BLU. You don't want to get a Thunder IV spell or whatever mimicked (it's not reflect, reflect would imply that the spell is bounced back without affecting the mob that you cast the spell at, the colibri is still vulnerable to spells, it just casts it back if it's still alive after getting hit) back at you or your tank. lvl 32 - Sound Blast - Magical - AoE INT Down (Fire) - Lowers INT, making enemy spells do slightly less damage, and decreasing magic defense (which is dependent on INT). See Also: FFXIV Mounts Guide. Beadeaux After seeing Sabishii’s guide on Spells. Arrapago Reef lvl 61 - Eyes On Me - Magical - Darkness Damage - Another, stronger Darkness based nuke. Misareaux Coast, Xarcabard It is affected by MND, and has a soft cap at 180 HP. ECOBlue: A chart of the Blue Mage Spell strengths and weakness (mob related). The famous blue magic spell White Wind. lvl 90 - Reaving Wind - Magical - 84 MP - Amphiptere (bird) - Reduces TP in an AoE effect (Wind) - You know how awesome Light of Penance was at reducing TP? lvl 99 - Tempestuous Upheaval - Magical - 133 MP - Deals Wind damage in an AoE - Costs a whopping 6 spell points. lvl 86 - Thermal Pulse - Magical - 151 MP - Wamouracampa - Does fire damage in an AoE and additonal effect Blindness (Fire) - The first of a few good magical damage spells. North Gustaberg (S) Eldieme Necropolis So you MUST set this spell and Plasma Charge, because it frees up spell points you'd otherwise be using for Auto Refresh. Nouveau topic. Inner/Outer Horutoto Ruins It can paralyze, which is always a good thing, and like all other breath spells, it ignores magic defense, but not magical resistance (like Proto-Omega), though it is still subject to resists. A basic, bread and butter spell you will be using for awhile, since after you get this and sickle slash, there is a drought of physical spells. It hurts when Mamool Ja use it, but it's not a breath spell. Which ones ARE useful though? Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle Buff up with Occultation, haste, refresh, even stoneskin if you need to, pull a bunch of mobs you can comfortably kill, and spam subduction, kiting the mobs until they're dead. Always keep this spell set. People can use Thermal Pulse and Charged Whisker to AoE burn mobs, and solo Shinryu with a Primeval Brew. It does cost only 2 set points, and is combined with Enervation to form the Counter job trait. Don't leave the mog house without it. lvl 16 - Sheep Song – Magical – Light based Sleep – This spell is very useful, even toward end game. The safe bet is Strength, since all spells are modified by a stat dependent on your STR, then are modified by whatever other stats it’s dependent on. It makes accuracy bonus with disseverment, frenetic rip, or dimensional death. This trait is shared by Vertical Cleave. Maze of Shakhrami Ranguemont Pass, Beaucedine Glacier ), come from different enemy types (aquan, beasts, demons, etc. Gustav Tunnel Active nearly two decades, FFXI has over a dozen active servers, receives monthly updates, and is tied to Nexon's unreleased Final Fantasy XI R mobile project. Dual wielding clubs with +magic damage on it, will greatly increase your elemental spells' effectiveness. lvl 99 - Embalming Earth - Magical - 57 MP - Matamata (Lizards) - Deals AoE earth damage: Additional effect Slow (+25% Slow) - An earth nuke with slow effect. Abyssea and Elemental Spells (Trigger Spells), Physical Spell Stat Modifiers and Accuracy. It's INT modified and heavily modified by magic attack. https://ffxiclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Blue_Mage_Spell_Locations?oldid=1479316, 65 (58 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 59 without), 66 (58 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 60 without), 67 (58 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 61 without), 68 (59 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 62 without), 69 (60 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 63 without), 70 (61 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 64 without), 70 (61 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 64 without ), 71 (62 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 65 without), 72 (63 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 66 without), 73 (64 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 67 without), 74 (65 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 68 without), 75 (66 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 69 without), 76 (67 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 70 without), 77 (68 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 71 without), 78 (69 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 72 without), 79 (70 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 73 without), 80 (71 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 74 without), 81 (72 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 75 without), 82 (73 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 76 without), 83 (74 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 77 without), 84 (75 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 78 without), 85 (76 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 79 without), 86 (77 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 80 without), 87 (78 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 81 without), 88 (79 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 82 without), 89 (80 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 83 without), 90 (81 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 83 without). Also here is a good link to show where and when to get your spells: Click here. Silver Sea route to Nashmau (Nighttime) Forum » FFXI » Jobs » Blue Mage. Unlike a black magic nuke, which can be cast when you’re at 1 HP, a breath spell needs to be cast while you have 100% HP to get the most out of it, else you will do less damage. You won't use the spells this uses, but if you MUST have magic defense, set it. Available Level 44 Type Magical MP Cost 37 MP Cast Time 4 seconds Point Cost 2 Recast Time 37 seconds Target AoE Range Stat Bonus AGI +1 Creates Job Trait: Auto Refresh: Scroll: Enfeeble Effect: VIT Down Duration: 60 seconds Monster Type Undead: Monster Family Doomed A beast type spell will have an advantage against a lizard enemy, but a beast spell will be weak against a plantoid mob. Blue Magic Spells Setting two of these spells grants Gilfinder: Charged Whisker, Everyone's Grudge, Amorphic Spikes. They all have a variety of effects. East Ronfaure The Guide. Arrapago Reef This gives you Stoneskin, though it is weaker than the white magic spell Stoneskin. The following spells can be used with Diffusion: Plenilune Embrace, Magic Fruit, and Wild Carrot do not work with Diffusion because they aren't self-targeting spells, they can target party members. Western Altepa Desert Pashhow Marshlands Qufim Island You'll want to gear in Strength and Accuracy gear for this spell. Inner Horutoto Ruins Behemoth's Dominion, Korroloka Tunnel There is a good guide on blue magic job traits on what spells gives what: Blue Mage Job Traits. Our spells and everyone else's WSs will produce more TP than this will be able to control. The damage isn’t significant, the VIT down effect is important, especially on mobs like Crabs that have High VIT and DEF. Tahrongi Canyon Blue Magic is a general magic category available only to Blue Mages. They are similar to weapon skills, in that they are have different stat modifiers that affect the damage. Arrapago Reef The SC does more than what you close the chain with. lvl 79 - Battery Charge - Magical - Self-Targeting Refresh (Light) - A 3 hp/tick refresh only targetable on the caster, but can be combined with diffusion for an AoE refresh! Post-Patch 4.5 Spells: Due to the size of this guide, I'm separating the guide by major patches. Most blue mage spells are DPS! I've seen a video of a BLU using grudge, thermal pulse, and charged whisker, along with sanguine blade to solo Shinryu with a Primeval Brew. Ranguemont Pass If you get a link, or aggro, you can quickly pop off a pinecone bomb and run away or finish what you're fighting. Continuum. Situational, but not really useful. Valley of Sorrows Creates the Gilfinder trait with other spells. lvl 75 - Exuviation - Magical - Self-Erase and Restore HP (Fire) - This spell acts like erase, removing one status their own specialized spell to take care of. lvl 99 - Bilgestorm - Physical - 122 MP - Dvergr (Demon) - Deals damage to enemies in the AoE: Additional Effect Duration varies by TP: Additional Effect: Attack, Accuracy, and Defense Down (Blunt) - Unbridled Knowledge - Deals low damage, with Darkness/Gravitation SC properties. A very strong, single target, physical spell. Not a big deal for most BLU spells, because they're already fast, but with homam legs, loq. I tried a crashing thunder and a thunderbolt against rocs, both with burst affinity up, and the thunderbolt did more damage with the benefit of stunning for a good long time. But it may still be useful if only for the poison effect. Quicksand Caves, Everbloom Hollow - Sanitization Team Alpha This is what we've been waiting for! lvl 12 - Feather Storm – Physical – Damage (Piercing) and Additional Effect: Poison – This is similar to queasyshroom, fairly low damage combined with low damage poison. Useless, unless you set all three spells that give gilfinder, to get an upgrade to treasure hunter. Konschtat Highlands Lower Delkfutt Tower The information expressed in the manual tends to be more opinion than fact and should be accepted as such. Paralysis is useful, and it's a better spell than frost breath now, but it's expensive to set, with 6 set points. It's useful for a support move. lvl 69 - Tail Slap - Physical - Frontal AoE damage (Blunt) with Additional Effect: Stun - This is similar to Frypan, but is only frontal effect. This job offers everything a tank needs - a bunch of enmity tools, AoE enmity which is practically unrivaled, Cocoon and to top it off, Killer Trait effects to make you an even noticeable tank. It will include list of spells to go after, spells to set, merits, gear sets, etc. This does massive damage to a player when cast by a Cactuar, 1k damage(split between targets in the AoE), which can decimate even a lvl 75 player while solo, even if the level of the cactuar is much lower. Eldieme Necropolis But it may not last the whole fight, and if there are any other mobs around you, if can aggro them too if they're in front of you. Nyzul Isle, Rolanberry Fields (S) However, a common job combination for BLUs in Voidwatch is BLU/PLD, because you can cover your BLU spell procs, and cover the chance that the one PLD JA trigger without actually bringing a full Paladin. We get the. lvl 04 - Power Attack – Physical – Critical Damage (Blunt) – No thrills, low damage physical spell. Only useable with unbridled learning/wisdom up. Burst Affinity: Blue Mage: 25: 0: 30s: 2 minutes: Instant: Single: Makes it possible for your next "magical" blue magic spell to be used in a Magic Burst. It can make a fun toy for absorbing mob buffs too. These guides are all useful in learning to understand the Blue Mage job. Replace goblin rush with this. Outer Horutoto Ruins It'll simply boost your attack by 20%. lvl 61 - Maelstrom - Magical - AoE Water Damage with Additional Effect: STR Down - Another costly nuke that has INT as a main modifier, with a MND secondary modifier. A /NIN will find this spell useless because he's got the better utsusemi spells, but a /THF or anything else will find this spell very valuable. It lasts for three minutes, but wears off after you get hit by a physical attack. East Ronfaure (S) Wouldn't something like brownout or the half-dozen other thunderbird spells be more useful? It has a large AoE, 11 yalm range, very low spell cost (27 MP), fast casting speed, no recast, meaning it can be spammed without cease. Gustav Tunnel Wearing this sword will get you intimidated by Beast-type mobs, so beware. lvl 68 - Warm-Up - Magical - Accuracy and Evasion up on the caster (Earth) - A very useful spell in cases you need accuracy/evasion, and don't want to use food, or food just isn't enough. Garlaige Citadel This is a new JA we get at lvl 83, as stated it gives a TP bonus to the next physical spell you cast. 5/5 Self explanatory YES. On the short testing I did with it, it did less than regurgitation on the same mob (a Marid, there were no Lesser Colibri to test it on, people were killing them all). It was funny, though the group got hurt by me. lvl 96 - Quadrastrike - Physical - 98 MP - Kindred (Demons) - Delivers a four-fold attack: chance at critical damage varies by TP (Slashing) - This spell has good damage without chain affinity or efflux (not as much as heavy strike though), and can be a great CA/Efflux spell against things with high defense. If you only get 2 hits in, the mob gets 20 TP. The stun effect doesn't last too long, it might be better to use Actinic Burst to flash everything to use Yawn than this. lvl 48 - Refueling - Magical - Self-Haste (Wind) - This spell gives you about 10% haste, with a fast cast time, and fairly fast recast. lvl 99 - Rail Cannon - Magical (Light) - 200 MP - Gears (Archaics) - Deals Light damage to target - Obtainable from single and multi-gear mobs. The conclusion is that most of the time, most damage dealing magical Blue Magic spells aren’t worth casting. La Theine Plateau Bhaflau Thickets We will not be 1k Needling HNMs any time soon. Maze of Shakhrami A winner for the Bind effect, and cheap INT/MND from setting it. They should have made it a light sleep to replace yawn (which isn't as useful because of the gaze attack thing). Ranguemont Pass Not as strong as bludgeon, but if you do a BCNM such as Under Observation, you’ll want to use it, since it gains a damage bonus due to both it’s piercing damage, and it’s aquan nature. lvl 54 - Hecatomb Wave - Magical - Wind damage in fan shaped AoE with Additional Effect: Blindness (based on HP) - Not so useful, it is very MP costly (116) and has a long cast time, though it does damage proportionate to your HP like a breath spell, but it is a lower tier breath spell, at 75 with 1195 HP, it should do around 350 damage, while later breath spells do a greater proportion of your HP in damage. It's only +10 DEF. lvl 30 - Wild Carrot – Magical – Restores HP to one party member (Light) – This is a VERY useful spell, and I wish I had it early on in my BLU career (it wasn’t learnable when I started leveling BLU right after the Expansion came out). It's especially effective with quadratic continuum. There is a known bug with the BLU merit Assimilation as the client doesn’t report the proper number of magic points, so the current max is 55, not 60. CDC and Chain Affinity Sinker Drill creates a darkness skillchain, making it much more favorable than Savage Blade to Thrashing Assault's Light (or CDC to Thrashing Assault's lvl 2 skillchain). lvl 78 - Cimicine Discharge - Magical - AoE Slow around the caster (Earth) - Those annoying gnats give us another slow move. You need to use Unbridled Knowledge to gain access to this spell. lvl 74 - Magic Hammer - Magical - Light Damage and Additional Effect: Aspir - This spell does damage, and drains an amount of MP from the mob equal to the damage dealt (only if the mob has any MP). The defense and attack down effect is -25%. Also, if you have another BLU with you in a party, you can use CA Disseverment > CA Vertical Cleave for Darkness (or the other way around, the order doesn't matter). Savage Blade > Final Sting > Light skillchain (and most likely certain death if your shadows go down), however, it's harder to SC with Final Sting than other spells, because it has a long cast time. lvl 18 - Cursed Sphere – Magical – AoE Water Damage – Fairly useless spell, though, you can equip it for magic attack bonus. Xarcabard (S), Jugner Forest (S) Batallia Downs Bhaflau Thickets Games Movies TV … TP modifier is accuracy. Kuftal Tunnel, Silver Sea route to Al Zahbi (Nighttime) Rolanberry Fields Ordelle's Caves lvl 99 - Blistering Roar - Magical - 43 MP - Gabbrath (Beasts) - AoE Terror - Only usable during unbridled learning/wisdom. Ifrit's Cauldron You might even need to sub a mage job to get more INT and magic attack bonus to do more damage with his magical blue spells (like Bomb Toss or Eyes of Me). LEAVES! Jugner Forest (S) Fun! It is also one of the spells you can set to get Conserve MP. Conserve MP on it's own. I can't even use this spell yet. Buburimu Peninsula lvl 56 - Feather Barrier - Magical - Evasion Bonus (Wind) - This gives you an evasion bonus that lasts even less than cocoon does, it lasts only 30 seconds, making it's usefulness limited. Creates the useful Critical Attack Bonus trait by itself. Beaucedine Glacier Korroloka Tunnel Now if only SE will give us the wivres' stoneskin Granite Hide attack. You'll want to set three elemental magical spells according to the day the NM is claimed. lvl 97 - Tourbillion - Physical - 108 MP - Khimaira (Arcana) - Damage to enemies in an AoE: Additional Effect: Defense Down (Blunt) - Unbridled Knowledge - Another fun spell, does strong damage (when CA/Efflux are used) with STR and MND modifiers, as an AoE spell. Except when bombs do it, they die, and this just reduces you to 1 HP, not only that, but it weakens you as if it DID kill you. Testing it quickly with an INT/magic attack set against marids, I got similar numbers to regurgitation with an NQ staff. lvl 76 - Plenilune Embrace - Magical - Recovers HP and increases Attack and Magic Attack (Light) on party target - The new Cure IV. Keep in mind you can't counter through shadows, so going /NIN with shadows up is pointless. This is a nice upgrade, it'll give you +100 TP bonus to physical spells when using efflux.

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