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A Blue male with 1 or 2 Black hen/s and 1 or 2 Splash hen/s will produce all 3 colours. Even the gender of birds and mammals is determined, despite their reversed sex chromosome counts. I recommend myself for comments of pigeon experts and geneticists for improvements of the programm. Go to basics/overview chicken genetics. Under construction. There is no need to separate the colours. DF: Double Factor. Based upon Rasek's and Valkparkiet.com's versions including Crossing-over frequencies. In that case read Ar as Ar+ and ar+ as ar. Red dogs (ranging to cream by unknown factors) can be Sables (Agouti-locus) or Recessive Reds (Extension-locus). - Go to Plug-in version. Genes produce traits that we can see such as feather type, color, body shape, number of toes, etc., Feather color is determined by genes that produce certain types of pigment. AI demo (KI-demo), New addition to the family of genetic calculators: cattle. The colorlists are limited but new colors can be requested via Breedbook Chicken Wildcard Calculator Design Wizard, Rabbit Wildcard Calculator (Regitz layout plus sortable ColorSummary Grid plus Quick Add Gene) Also wiki format export option, etc... It may not be reprinted in any publication whether distributed free or for profit without the express written consent of the authors and the ACBA. Stel zelf het genotype samen; handig voor onfokzuivere dieren. Due to random inactivation of one X chromosome in female body cells there is an irregular pattern of red and black. Erfelijkheid van Kippenkleuren Nov 13, 2014 - Silkies Color for Breeding | Found on frecklefacefarm.webs.com White Silkies are recessive with a ton of hidden color genetics, the only way to keep white is to breed white to white. Note: Lavender is also called Self-blue because it inhibits certain patterns. Je kunt zelfs je eigen foto's laten verschijnen. Not covered: the Phaeo gene, colors white areas, being pale cream, back to red/tan. There are dimorphic pied breeds, probably due to another pied gene or a modifier, else they would be white. whereas other added genes' effects are shown on a separate line or between square brackets [ ]. Only use the word "white" in added genes for "full white" to not interfere with the pied gene handling. How can one combine grey/blue with red/orange and white? Above is the rooster who has started my breeding program in search of Paint Silkies . Suitable for biology class or breeders of other animal kinds that want to write out a (complex) crossing. It's safe. Het werkt als volgt: Bij de gekoppelde genen is bij de 2 rijen radio knoppen een chromosoom nummer aangegeven. Verberg al die resultaten en laat alleen de kleurensamenvatting zien. Slate Blue and Lilac dilution are mutations at the "Pink Eyed Dilute"-locus. When you get the principle of the calculator try the new chicken calculator Melanistic deer are not true blacks, they are shades of dark brown without white spots, stripes or belly. Genetic Calculators by Others (eg. Note: This calculator is hypothetical. Chicken colorgenes table Spaties (=%20) en dergelijke gebruiken tot 3 posities. Go to Plug-in version. Linebacks (eg. Comb type in chickens basically is controll… Somewhere, the Silkie was created, and the chicken gradually made its way into North America. The exception is that not every color is accepted as standard. Deutsche Fassung: Hühner Kalkulator 1,735 Posts . http://kippenjungle.nl/kruisingFlex.html?data=... No internet connection required. His work with peas resulted in the idea that genes control different physical characteristics. There are some copyright issues for the pictures. Plaatjes hier downloaden. CAVY GENETICS. Goldfish and Koi Calculator Demo (Goudvis / Goldfisch) Because of the genetics, the 3 different 'colours' can be kept in one breeding pen. To let this continue it is best to enter new effects in complete lowercase or uppercase. Or to produce more black chicks, put a white with a true black. Another term for brown in sheep is moorit. Both are typical Extension-alleles for other mammals. Plug-in Chicken Calculator (Many more genes added), Plug-in Kip Calculator (Nederlandse versie, veel meer genen toegevoegd). Upload in one internet folder and name the pictures as the outcome without spaces. Extendable version supports pedigree 'record' keeping. Flexible Crossing Over Calculator Design Wizard. Er is vaak een instapversie met kleurenlijstjes en ALTIJD een gevorderden versie met genen-lijstjes (van daaruit). Geïllustreerd i.v.m. If you use this address (url) instead of the direct links to the calculator you always get to the latest version of the calculator. Blue Poultry Genetics: Blue X Blue = 50% Blue, 25% Black, 25% Splash Blue X Black = 50% Blue, 50% Black Blue X Splash = 50% Blue, 50% Splash ... all of your chicks will be the same lavender color. Exercise: Try to approach the "Lahore"-pattern. de vele agouti-patronen. Feb 8, 2020. You will be able to add extra genes to that calculator. The english version has the Pigeon Fancier way of Genotype Notation. Remarks: There are no true white diamond doves. If you have more information about ring necked pheasant genetics or pictures please contact me via Henk69.nl or mail to "spmdmp at gmail.com". Thanks to Wout van Gils and Inte Onsman ( MUTAVI ). Goose Calculator (Tamme gans / Hausgans) A third dominant gene Sp causes a spotted instead of a striped pattern. Includes advanced option. Like goats in that order of dominance. Als je de grens van ca 2000 characters overschrijdt zal je link niet meer werken. Pictures downloadable here. The white chipmunks still have visible pattern. They also expire etc... Cockatiel Calculator (Valkparkiet / Nymphensittich / Nymphicus hollandicus) Plug-in Chicken Calculator Design Wizard (Demo) This version uses some fancy colornames like Tibetan for Tenebrosus, Dog Coat Color Genetics website by Dr.Schmutz Genetics of Chickencolors About the Pictures  Rasek's layout Calculator Design Wizard (Beta-version) French version: Calculateur de Poule New addition to the family of genetic calculators: dogs. Find the breed of chicken first. Can work without internet connection. For independent genes it has no effect to choose upper or lower radio button. Also no double spaces! Not covered is harlequin in Alpaca, called appaloosa in Llama. Geen typefoutjes maken. Laatste nieuws en updates hier @the-coop.org. Stars are not considered white spotting. About pictures and permissions | Over plaatjes en toestemming Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 24, 2011. Voor meer informatie: Vogelpraathoek.nl (dutch bird board). BLUE . Black in dogs is mostly dominant, except in german shepherd (recessive black, Agouti-locus). There will be some tweaking in the future. News and update at the-coop.org (International Chickenboard) Under construction. No sex linked colorgenes. Canary Calculator (Kanarie) Basisstof erfelijkheid Inofficial Gene symbols. The original basic Chicken Calculator with a lot of hints and visual examples about how the genes work. Homozygote colorsided animals (eg "double" Witrik) are almost white, like Nellore white. your own Pins on Pinterest If you have information about their genetics or pictures please contact me via Henk69.nl or mail to "spmdmp at gmail.com", Ring necked Pheasant Calculator (Bosfazant / Fasan / Phasanius colchicus) Pictures are from the Breedbook database. Black uniquely is a diluter of Red pigment, while Slate/Blue has little effect (Robertson). New addition to the family of genetic calculators: cats. Includes pedigree tracking. Daarom kun je de volgorde van de Genen (Gen/Locus info) beter niet wijzigen. Voor meer informatie: Vogelpraathoek.nl (dutch bird board), Bullfinch Calculator (Goudvink / Dompfaff, Gimpel), New addition to the family of genetic calculators: bullfinch (Goudvink, Pyrrhula pyrrhula). Melanistic/Tenebrosus and Buff are incomplete dominant mutations. No Silkie rooster in Europe is still totally black after his second true moult. Ook doorkruisen is ondersteund. Simplified Demo for new insights Just hover over buttons or pictures. The Przewalski horse is Dun on Light Bay (light yellow dun). Chicken Quest Calculator Whitening effects (not spotting) are most often due to unknown factors diluting the phaeomelanin (red/yellow pigment). New insights: Daartoe moet je ze wel in een map op internet hebben ge-upload en moet je je foto's net zo noemen als het berekende uiterlijk zonder de spaties. You can use the "wizard" link to adjust one of these flexible calculators, and add to favorites, etc... Pigeon | Punnett square generator | Rabbit | Guinea pig | Cat | Duck | Goldfinch | Bullfinch | Ricefinch | Canary | Dog | Cattle | Human eye and haircolor In fact, color fluctuations are quite common even when guinea pigs with the same genotypes (combination of genes) are examined. Pinzgauer) have their color as homozygotes. Wijzig je een bestaande tekst, dan is er kans dat het uitfilteren niet meer goed werkt. Since "Atipico" does not always have a visible effect in adult plumage, and other self/unicolor effects are poorly documented, these are not included in the calculator. Some browsers support much more characters. Paint silkies have been compared to the genetics found in Appaloosa horses. Nederlandse versie gebaseerd op het online boek "De Lachduif" van Hein van Grouw. Gebruik van deze calculator is vertrouwelijk i.v.m. I found this genetics calculator and wanted to share it. Free Webmagazine Aviculture-Europe Wheaten and Melanistic can suppress the neckring. With help of dutch dog genetics expert Marjolein Roosendaal. There is no need to separate the colours. Crossing with extended black often causes persistent silver/gold leakage in hackle and saddle of cockerels. Manchurian for golden (DF), Italian for gold speckled (SF). Try Chicken Quest Guinea Fowl Calculator, new theory (Parelhoen / Perlhuhn). See Goat Calculator. Double factored it is darker. Dosage effect, stronger expression. Not fully understood yet. Opmerkingen: gewone groene catharinaparkieten worden misty groen genoemd, evenals de "gewone" turquoise: misty turquoise. At special request by the Holland Dexter club. You are taken to a direct hyperlink to the calculator and some extra info about the species involved. on their ears and can be Masked, Recessive Reds can not. Duif Calculator - Pigeon Calculator Not interested in all those genotypes or do further crossings? As are combinations with all these and sex linked diluted. They share a unique combination of genetic and behavioral features. Radio button layout: Example genes: Gimpel/Arch angel copper/bronze (koper), Baldhead pied pattern, Almond series, Opals, Kite, Reduced, Icy. New: replace the "#" character by "?run=" to get a direct link ! Advanced option only. May 2, 2019 May 2, 2019 by vjppoultry, posted in New Silkies You only have to list the genes, write the logic how they express (dominance/epistatics) and a few other things. Upstairs By George Ella Lyon, Paint silkies are a project color which means that we are working toward a breed standard, but due to the color being a project there is still some considerable color variation.One of the potential issues with this project color is that the paint gene can cause pigment holes. Blue Poultry Genetics: Blue X Blue = 50% Blue, 25% Black, 25% Splash Blue X Black = 50% Blue, 50% Black Blue X Splash = 50% Blue, 50% Splash Black X Black = 100% Black Splash X Splash = 100% Splash Splash X Black = 100% Blue One note, about lavender chickens, is that these birds DO breed true. GREEN - Good with all Breeds. Go to Plug-in version, Pied Pigeon Designer and Pigeon Calculator Next Gen. National Federation of Flying Breed Pigeons, UK, About pictures and permissions | Over plaatjes en toestemming, COLOUR AND PATTERN CHARTS - Sarah Hartwell/Messybeast.com, Dog Coat Color Genetics website by Dr.Schmutz, Genotype List based experimental calculator, Jennifer Hoffman's Horse Coat Color Designer webpage. Grijze zebravinken worden doorgaans phaeomelanine gereduceerd gekweekt en bruine eerder phaeomelanine intensief. Based on Dovepage.com (click picture) and Rasek's Ringnecked Dove Calculator (see below). Ee+ Dit is een hybride tussen de zelfbouw-module en de kip calculator. I have no idea where they came from or who deserves the credit for the work. See other mammals. Probably due to lack of recessive (unknown) melanizers. Gebruik nergens komma's of punt-komma's en bij plaatjes ook geen schuine streep "/" in de effect-beschrijving. Under construction. Includes Creeper, Crest, Frizzle, Naked neck, Silky, Comb-types, Eartuft, Beard/Muff, Henny feathering, Footfeathering (simplified), Vulture hocks, Rumplessness. White spotting (dominant) is everything from facial blaze to large white patches. At this point, let us warn you that we use the term “Peruvian” and “ Aby ” only loosely in describing the phenotypes of offspring of such a mating. Blue Silkie Breeding " Mendel’s law of inheritance, says each chick receives two genes, one from the mother and one from the father. Brushing a few times a week will keep a silkie coat in great condition. Db more powerful on males. With help of dutch dog genetics expert Marjolein Roosendaal. 2 Doses gives Pearl-grey or Silver. Next to a Dominant White the combination Piebald Spotted and Roan (=Grey) gives a Blue eyed white, possibly deaf animal. Afhankelijk van je webbrowser wordt dan herhaaldelijk gevraagd of je er mee door wilt gaan/ het script wilt stoppen. Fouten graag terugmelden. Software engineering is making choices; therefor contact me when you have questions or comments via my homepage henk69.nl or mail to "spmdmp at gmail.com" or visit the dutch Chickenboard Voorkom dat Allel-symbolen met superscript (gebruik ^ ) elkaar overlappen, bv. Kippenforum.nl, fokkerij (Dutch Chickenboard) The on-line Wizard-page is best suited for editing this info. Larger black spots are more desirable than small ones. Roan is dominant on non-sorrels but recessive on sorrels! White spotting is not affected. 2 Doses of the semi-dominant Blue dilution gives an almost white bird, sometimes called Silver. Om zeker te gaan dat de nog toe te voegen genen doorkomen Ook kun je de querystring in de adresbalk van je browser aanpassen en opslaan door toe te voegen aan je favorieten. Zeer goede Kippen Genetica website door Karen Hall (engelstalig). I mean, I understand a basic punnet square, but somehow I get lost in chicken genetics. Pied Pigeon Calculator (Hypothetical) Includes advanced option. eg. Typical Mammal Color Genetics, Duif | Kruisingsschema maken | Konijn | Cavia | Kat | Eend | Putter | Goudvink | Rijstvogel | Kanarie | Hond | Koe | Oog- en haarkleur Mens There are more males which stay black also in hackle at the age of 3. There are probably more charts out there so if anyone knows where they came from, I would love to hear from you.I plan to breed and sell Cochins, Silkies, and These tools are not meant as an endgoal for your genetic knowledge quest, more like a kick off. Wildcards are an essential part of the list, to keep it short. Dominant blacks are rare to absent. Je kunt nu zelf alle informatie ingeven om je eigen calculator te maken. There is yet another layout proposed by Renate Regitz (Kaninchenwissen.de). Chipmunk Calculator (Eutamias sp.) New addition to the family of genetic calculators: ducks. No crossing-over percentage, but with linkage hacks. Let me know if you know/find any facts that contradict (or confirm) any of this (mail to "spmdmp at gmail.com"). Course ~ This is the easiest to care for of the three coat textures. I am just defeated trying to understand chicken color genetics. Messages: 2,111. The genetic make-up of an animal is its genotype. Goldfish, Koi | Corn Snake | Guinea Fowl | Peacock | Golden Pheasant | Ring necked Pheasant | Turkey | Muscovy Duck | Goose | Mandarine Duck | WoodDuck | Rhea (ratite) | Pig | Horse | Donkey | Sheep | Fallow Deer | Kangaroo, Bennett Wallaby | Chipmunk, Groundsquirrel | Goat | Llama/Alpaca | Probeer zijn versie eens of lees de handleiding die hij erbij geschreven heeft. Rabbit Wildcard Calculator Design Wizard (Regitz). Brown and most other diluters are probably absent from these species. The pied genes of the pigeon remain a mystery. About pictures and permissions | Over plaatjes en toestemming, Calculator for human hair and eye color (demo). Genes are pickable from lists for heterozygosity. Autosomal Red can be multiple genetic factors. Terriers), Roan (resembles ticking, eg. This likely has to do with the complex hereditary background of each guinea pig. Sources: Robertson et al, Asmundson et al, Porterturkeys.com The ratio of phenotypes is 3 short : I long, while the genotypic ratio is 1 LL:2 Ll:1 ll. Je koppelt de genen op gen/locus nivo met de keuzelijst aan de koppelingsgroep. Typische Zoogdier Vachtkleur Genetica. I have no idea where they came from or who deserves the credit for the work. Ideaal voor biologieles of voor fokkers van andere diersoorten die snel een uitgebreid kruisingschema willen maken. Note: the Calculator can deviate for unknown diluter combinations. Ontwikkeld met hulp van engelsman Dave Walters. Zweef daartoe over knoppen, plaatjes, teksten. Finally: the Next Generation Pigeon Calculator ! White Tail heterozygotes are often called White Rumps. Peacock Calculator (Pauw / Pfau / Pavo cristatus) NB: Geen crossing over percentages voor de geslachtsgebonden genen grijs/bruin en bleekrug/masker. Blacks are mostly agouti based recessive blacks. Voor de minder algemene kleuren is er slechts één plaatje voor beide geslachten. It may be 2 closely linked genes. Muscovy Duck see below. Horse, Ringnecked Dove, 43 species of Parrots and Parakeets). Basic Silkie Chicken Genetics . 85. Bennett Wallabie Calculator (Kangaroe, dutch only) Gimpel is pre-prepared in the standard pigeon calculator. My interpretation is that the "Serama-red" is a more potent red than the usual Autosomal Red. The base of this calculator is a genotype list in an external javascript file, that can be edited offline by non programmers. See remark above. Zelfde verhaal voor de konijn-versie. Make sure that Allele-symbols with superscript (use ^ ) don't overlap, eg. Met dank aan catharinaparkietenstudiegroep.nl. Voor meer informatie: Vogelpraathoek.nl (dutch bird board), More information on zebrafinch color genetics (Diamante Mandarino): WorldWideZeb (italian/english) Nederlandse versie: Kip Calculator Some pied patterns I have dissected as independent of their complex pattern. Laat je hierdoor niet verwarren, het geslacht staat erbij. Alle gegevens worden namelijk in de adresbalk van je browser gepropt. De Breedbook database kan op verzoek worden aangevuld. The below calculators are under construction: The Breedbook database can be updated by request. Both layouts and the standard layout can also be switched at runtime. ( I have spotted black & white sheep too .) black or brown). The Silkies here in the US are all Bantams and come in both Bearded and Non-Bearded. Basics of genetics Wel moet alle benodigde data worden opgevoerd. Idid+ It is a very popular book allover the world which is a happy circumstance because the breeders are knowledgeable and know what they do therefore. In examples 9 through 17, the Purple color or Peach color could be used in place of the Cameo color because all three are sex link recessive. About pictures and permissions | Over plaatjes en toestemming At this point, let us warn you that we use the term "Peruvian" and "Aby" only loosely in describing the phenotypes of offspring of such a mating. There is space now for 7 additional not too complex genes. Dosage effect (only in males) is hard to implement in the calculator. All info is stored in the querystring in the address bar of your browser. De grootte van de plaatjes kun je ook instellen voordat je een kruising uitvoert of de voorbeelden laat zien. No sex linked colorgenes. When changing groundcolor or patterncolor, the effect on all the different patterns is immediately shown. Don't be fooled because the gender is indicated in the outcome description.

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